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Tierra Linda

Sustainable Affordable + Scattered Site Housing


LBBA has been working with Latin United Community Housing Association (LUCHA) for over 25 years to transform empty lots and rundown buildings into safe, decent housing close to schools, parks, and other services. Together, we have built and renovated over 175 units of affordable housing in Humboldt Park. Tierra Linda, a scattered-site housing project located near the Bloomingdale Trail, has been developed to nurture health and healthy living.

In July 2014, LUCHA led an interactive eco-charrette to generate and target sustainability goals for its new wellness-centered housing development. The kick-off event, which brought together members of the design team with the maintenance staff, tenants, and neighbors of the future development, introduced the benefits of “green” housing and collaboratively developed a vision and strategies for the project. LUCHA incorporated key tactics into the development of Tierra Linda that supports the core theme of healthy living and wellness integrated amongst tenants and the community. One of the six-flat Tierra Linda buildings is the first affordable, multi-family Passive House in the City of Chicago. This Passive House advances LUCHA’s commitment to green and sustainable housing through the buildings' high performance which leads to increased heating and cooling efficiency and thus decreased energy costs for renters.




Multi-family Passive House


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