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Kenmore Plaza

Rehabilitation of Affordable Senior Housing


Kenmore Plaza is the moderate rehab of a 324-unit, 28-story residential high-rise for seniors in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Originally constructed in 1973, the building was acquired by the Kenmore Plaza Tenants Association in 1997 with proceeds provided by HUD under LIHPRHA (Low Income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership Act). LIHPRHA was enacted to preserve the existing affordable housing stock with an emphasis on not-for-profit and resident acquisitions. Kenmore Plaza is now owned and operated by the Kenmore Plaza Tenants Association senior community. An amazing commitment and positive attitude by the residents and resident board to work through the many hoops to establish the financing and approvals have resulted in a fully rehabbed, upgraded, accessible and secure building. The residents were able to stay in their apartments during renovation, and the entire ground floor was expanded and fully rehabbed to provide more community spaces and a larger management office with onsite services. The private garden is fully reworked and replanted for accessibility, security, and beauty. Overall, the renovation will reduce operating costs through the use of durable and easy-to-maintain materials and energy efficient-equipment, improving energy and water efficiency over the long term.


Kenmore Plaza Tenants Association


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