LUCHA Humboldt Park Residence, Chicago, IL

Located on west Division Street, the LUCHA West Humboldt Park Residence is a 65-unit, single room occupancy (SRO) building. Originally built in 1996 and widely renovated in 2021, the SRO fills a community need for affordable housing. Each compact and efficient unit offers a modern kitchenette and shared bathroom. Common spaces on the ground floor include a management office, community space, and a public lobby opening to an exterior garden. 20% of the units and all the common spaces meet accessibility requirements and an elevator provides access to all of the floors. LBBA designed and installed site-specific, custom Knothead furniture for the units and public spaces which increases resident livability.

5West Humboldt Park, Chicago, IL


Completed 2021
Completed 1996

Unit Count



Latin United Community Housing Association (LUCHA)


Wayne Cable

Previously Existing Condition (1996)