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Chicago Botanic Garden Begins Horticultural Classes at Buffett Place

On Wednesday evening, the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Horticultural Therapy staff welcomed community members to the first Community Engagement evening program hosted by the Fred and Pamela Buffett Place. Attendees gathered on the new green roof deck to participate in a spring bulb planting activity. During the session, participants learned how to appropriately plant, or “force,”…

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Buffett Place, Chicago, IL

Colorful home sign made from salvaged wood at Fred and Pamela Buffett Place facing the lobby

Fred and Pamela Buffett Place seeks to define a new paradigm for sustainable preservation as it relates to affordable and supportive housing in Chicago. Engaging residents and the community to capitalize on local assets, inspiration, and potential, the project ultimately sets a new standard by creating a welcoming and therapeutic environment that promotes health, happiness,…

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Grand Opening: Buffett Place

The former Diplomat SRO reopened its doors for an open house on January 30 as the renovated Fred and Pamela Buffett Place, a 51-unit development in Lakeview that delivers supportive, affordable options to a population in need of housing, health care, employment assistance, and an array of other supportive services. “With fewer and fewer affordable…

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Thresholds Mothers’ Project, Chicago, IL

2410 Thresholds Mothers Window

Thresholds is a non-profit organization that offers emotional and mental health services to people experiencing issues such as social isolation, depression and domestic violence. The Thresholds Mothers’ Project teaches independent living and parenting skills to families throughout the Chicago area. A 2,500 sq. ft. program expansion necessitated this interior renovation and build out creating additional…

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Fishman Residence, Chicago, IL

photo Wayne Cable The Fishman Residence included the renovation of—and addition to—an existing industrial building in Lakeview. The materials used on the addition complement the industrial nature of the original building. Located on a corner lot, a courtyard was created with the enclosure of a fence of reclaimed brick and corrugated metal. The resulting house…

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Smith Residence, Chicago, IL

9517 Smith Residence Front

Located in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, the Smith Residence is a 2,100 sq.ft., single-family home for a family of four. The controlling idea for the design was the client’s wish to have a “contemporary cottage.” The house is modest in overall scale with carpenter crafted exterior detailing that brings personality to the simple form. The cabinetry,…

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