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City Gardens, Chicago, IL

Chicago’s once beautiful Near West Side has been a challenging neighborhood since 1968 when much of the area was destroyed during the King riots. As with other such areas there continues to be a critical need for safe family housing that offers choice and a sense of place and community identity so children and families…

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The Jackson at Woodlawn Park, Chicago, IL

The Jackson at Woodlawn Park is a 67-unit affordable housing development for low-income families and individuals. It is the first phase of the Woodlawn Park Development that replaces the existing Grove Parc Plaza. This existing distressed Section 8 complex includes 504 units to be demolished in phases and rebuilt as a mixed-income community over a…

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Uptown Preservation Phase 3, Chicago, IL

2632 Clifton Magnolia Elevation 2

This project is the third phase of the Uptown Preservation Apartments Rehab. Located in the historical district of the Uptown neighborhood, this project is the moderate rehab of  2 existing 1920’s residential courtyard buildings composing of 59 affordable rental units.  These buildings were last rehabbed in the late 80s and require a moderate amount of…

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Crystal View Townhomes, Urbana, IL

2425 Crystal View Bikers

Located on a 9 acre site close to downtown Urbana, Crystal View Townhomes is a newly constructed IHDA funded 70-unit affordable, mixed-income community that replaced a distressed 1950’s barracks style public housing development. The new neighborhood plan contains pedestrian friendly streets with rear pocket parking designed to eliminate curb cuts and street facing garage doors…

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10th Ward Green Summit: Green Retrofit Charrette

As a part of this months 10th Ward 3rd annual Green Summit, on Saturday, May 15th, LBBA and energy consultant Jim Cavallo lead a Green Retrofit charrette sponsored by the Claretian Associates. The Green Summit’s mission statement is to offer area residents a coherent presentation of currently available green, eco-friendly and healthy initiatives designed to enhance…

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New Homes for South Chicago, Chicago, IL

Claretian Associates is a non-profit organization that aims to provide stability and improve South Chicago neighborhoods. New Homes for South Chicago consists of 23 affordable home ownership single-families and two-flats that are designed to exceed Energy Star for New Homes standards.  The shell of the buildings are made from structurally insulated panels (SIPS) which provide…

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Westhaven Park Phase llC, Chicago, IL

2518 Westhaven Park IIC Banner

The transformation of The Henry Horner Homes, now known as Westhaven Park is a mixed-income community that blends seamlessly into the West Town neighborhood of Chicago. The architecture design team is both Landon Bone Baker Architects and Johnson & Lee Architects who worked together to help provide architectural diversity across the site, while focusing on…

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NHS Roseland Phase II, Chicago, IL

NHS Roseland Phase II includes 16 single family homes and 21 two flats on vacant, scattered sites in the South Chicago neighborhood of Roseland. Neighborhood Housing Services acted as developer for this project which was funded by the Department of Housing’s New Homes for Chicago Program which aims to provide for sale affordable home options…

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NHS Roseland Phase I, Chicago, IL

9416 NHS Roseland Phase Row of Homes

Neighborhood Housing Services acted as developer for both phases of this project which was funded by the Department of Housing’s New Homes for Chicago Program which aims to provide for sale affordable home options in neighborhoods throughout the city. Phase 1 included new construction of 21 new, single-family wood-frame houses scattered throughout the Roseland neighborhood…

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