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Major Jenkins Apartments

Rehabilitation of Supportive SRO Housing


Located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, Major Jenkins Apartments is the combination of two adjacent buildings originally built in the early 1900s. The four-story brick and stone buildings were acquired by Mercy Housing in 1995 and transformed into a single affordable housing complex for people who were otherwise unable to afford a home.

LBBA coordinated with State and Federal historic authorities to sensitively rehab the exterior of the building, as well as significant spaces and features within the building.  The unit count within the building was reduced from 160 to 156 units to allow for more generous amenity space as well as a modern standard of accessible residential units. The building includes ample space for supportive services, a large community room, fitness space, bike storage, laundry room, arts and activity space, and a community kitchen.

As with two of our other SRO rehabs in Uptown, Miriam Apartments and Carlton Apartments, we participated in an Architreasures workshop for Major Jenkins. In the community room, an inspiring mural of famous Uptown spots was created by local artist Damon Lamar Reed and hand-cut paper pieces in the halls and entry were designed by Brandin Hurley. 



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