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Tad Jameyfield

Tad Jameyfield holds a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Ball State University. During his time at Ball State University, he traveled abroad to Southeast Asia to study in India and Nepal where he developed a love for socially mindful design in urban settings. His passions for contemporary design, digital technology, and socially mindful projects attracted him back to the midwest to work at various studios in Chicago. During this time, he was involved in several notable larger scale university projects such as the Daley College MTEC addition as well as custom adaptive re-use residential and hospitality projects around the midwest. Tad’s work on these projects also developed his interest in facade technologies as they relate to building unique community identities, economic feasibility, and environmental performance through innovative design.

In addition to design work, Tad has volunteered for Chicago Run, where he was a running buddy for Chicago youth as well as organized an architectural run through various neighborhoods to learn about local architecture at high speeds. He is a frequent guest juror at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and his work has been on display at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, UWM, and the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

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