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Fred Grier


Fred Grier is a Senior Project Architect at LBBA. He joined LBBA in the summer of 2022, and has been the project manager on several current projects including mixed-income housing buildings at Parkside of Old Town and a 100% affordable housing project in Logan Square, Chicago.

A commitment to design excellence led Fred from his first post-graduate job at JAHN in 2010, to UHA London where he worked on commercial and high-rise residential projects around the world, to Krueck Sexton Partners, SCB, and finally LBBA. At LBBA, Fred continues a practice of providing creative, elegant solutions to the complex issues of affordable housing. Fred studied architecture at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, and received his Master of Architecture at IIT in Chicago. He and his family live in a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oak Park.

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