Women’s History Month: Lucy Gonzalez Parsons

Today’s highlight for Women’s History Month — Lucy Gonzalez Parsons.

A fierce activist and leading figure in the early Chicago labor movement, Parsons is known for her striking prose and unwavering political efforts.

Parsons fought for the rights of the poor and disenfranchised by rallying people to stand up against the oppressive economic system that powerful industries enforced. She lead the 1886 May Day strike, brought about by the need for an 8-hour workday, and played a pivotal role in the Chicago Working Women’s Union.

Named in honor of this unrelenting activist, the Lucy Gonzalez Parsons Apartments in Logan Square opened late last year. The building, developed by Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation, provides 100 units of affordable housing for residents who are at risk of displacement, while the central location near public transit ensures that residents will have access to employment opportunities and amenities throughout the city.

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