GRAPHISOFT joins “Build The Vote” initiative

Based on an idea from NYC architecture firm The UP Studio, “Build The Vote” is a unique public service project from GRAPHISOFT that uses the voice and talent of architects to remind their colleagues—and all citizens—of the importance of voting in the 2020 election.

To deliver that message, GRAPHISOFT recruited three other acclaimed firms to join The UP Studio by selecting a letter in the word “Vote”, and turning their letter shape into an original building that incorporates an issue of societal importance at stake in the election. The 3D models would then be brought together in an immersive visual tour that ends with a view from above, revealing the buildings side-by-side to spell the word “Vote.”

Accepting the challenge with The UP Studio were Laney LA of Los Angeles, Landon Bone Baker of Chicago, and CORE architecture + design of Washington DC. Each firm fully designed their 3D model in Archicad, and delivered them to an in-house GRAPHISOFT team for final assembly in Archicad and Epic’s Twinmotion platform, which allows the tour to be enjoyed as a VR experience as well.

Both the immersive tour and a separate film with insights from the firms were created to launch the project, which will be promoted through a variety of digital and social media platforms, and to non-partisan voting rights organizations such as

All firms participated on a pro bono basis, in partnership with Los Angeles creative studio
A Very Good Agency, who co-developed the concept and led content creation. Anyone interested in learning more about the project, and the technology behind it, is welcome to contact us.

We invite everyone to share this initiative to help us further Build The Vote and ensure all voices are heard. Across the AEC industry and beyond. Thanks Graphisoft for inviting us to this opportunity!