Chicago Tribune: As Wilson Men’s Hotel prepares to close for renovations, a look at shrinking number of SROs in Chicago

Collage showing hall, front elevation, bedroom, dining area, and lobby of Wilson Men's HotelThe Chicago Tribune recently published an article about the Wilson Men’s Hotel, a single-room-occupancy (SRO) hotel in Uptown, that is preparing to close for renovations under a new owner. This is extremely unsettling for it’s current residents who likely won’t be able to afford rent after the updates are made, especially if they’re on fixed a income, which is common for inhabitants of SROs. About 120 men from the Wilson Men’s Hotel are being forced to find a new home due to the increase in rent, meanwhile the number of SROs in Chicago is shrinking at an alarming rate. Through various interviews the article discusses the uphill battle SROs are fighting just to maintain housing for those in need. To read more about the status of the Wilson Men’s Hotel and SROs around Chicago the full article can be found here.