20K House Finds First Developer

“…the bigger challenge is fitting a house that’s completely different than normal into the existing system of zoning, and codes, how contractors do their jobs, and even mortgages.”
Rural Studio’s 20K House is moving from Project to Product in an effort to bring affordable considerate housing to a broader market. Their first field test is located in Serenbe, Georgia– a new urbanism community outside Atlanta– which consists of two recently-completed homes that will be part of the artist-in-residency program. They look great, and, rightly, have been getting a lot of press (‘This House Costs Just $20,000—But It’s Nicer Than Yours’).
Landon Bone Baker Architects have been long collaborators with the project– reviewing plans to ensure market-worthiness, code compliance, and FHA standards– and are excited to help in creating new industry standards. Because of their size and atypical construction method, these homes, like Tiny Homes, face hurdles in everything from permitting to lending. Rural Studio is learning a lot from these real-world applications, but so are we.
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P1080361Dave’s 20K House from 2009