Chicago Tribune: “Architecture Biennial’s outlying exhibits offer evidence of power of design”

The power of design to address social issues and improve people’s lives and their community is the focus of a recent Chicago Tribune article by Blair Kamin. Kamin encourages visitors to the biennial to tour peripheral sites, such as the newly-opened Stony Island Arts Bank– the latest in Rebuild Foundation’s pursuit to revitalize communities through art, culture, and engagement.


Stony Island Arts Bank, along with the Dorchester Arts + Housing Collaborative, the Black Cinema House, and more, are cultural-driven redevelopments in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood that merge adaptive reuse with artistic interventions. The spirit of reclamation, both of materials and abandoned buildings, catalyze urban change while keeping its identity.

“Here and at the Stony Island Arts Bank, a troubled past isn’t being erased but creatively recycled. Neither is a silver bullet, but each beats letting violence-plagued Chicago succumb to a hail of bullets and blood — and the cynical view that design can’t help make the world a little better.”

For hours, locations, and more information, visit the Rebuild Foundation’s website.