Westhaven archi-treasures Design Workshop

Another productive archi-treasures design workshop took place April 24th (an arts-based community program) that was a collaboration between artists, architects, and residents of all ages to build community public spaces on a Westhaven lot that is currently vacant. Formerly the Henry Horner Homes, the site is part of the ongoing Plan for Transformation that aims to transform public housing into a new mixed-income neighborhood and is located just north of the United Center. A challenge of the workshop included working with two other programs that are already in the works on the same space – community garden boxes and another archi-treasures project that will be using light boxes and moveable planters. The residents came up with many interesting ideas for the site including a common gathering space around a central sundial with mosaic tables placed at the four quadrants, the use of the future light boxes as seats, accessible paths through the gardens, and creating new composting bins. Trish Girdwood from LBBA hopes to continue working with the residents and archi-treasures to finalize the project goals.