We Live Here #2: Melody Watson

Melody Watson, a forty-two year old resident at Grove Parc, and a mother of two college students, is very enthusiastic about the first two buildings of Woodlawn project. Living in a neighborhood with gang and violence issues, the new buildings will bring nothing but positive changes.

Ms. Watson has been living very comfortably in her apartment and she is not bothered by anyone. She has only good things to say about the management, “I like how if I need something, they come right away.” Even though her both of her children are in college at Fisk University, she is pleased that they offer programs like basketball, volleyball and arts, and crafts classes because it gives the younger children and older residents things to do.

BG: What are some of your concerns in Grove Parc?

MW: The gangs, and it all starts off with the parents.

[She is really bothered that kids hang out until late hours of the night and the young parents don’t do anything about it.]

MW: Having a curfew and sticking with it, will solve the problem.

[Ms. Watson also brings up that some tenants are very young and this may be part of the problem.] They’re still babies. Back in my time you had to be at least twenty-five. Eighteen year old tenants shouldn’t be allowed.

BG: What are your expectations of the new buildings?

[Ms. Watson’s face lights up just talking about the new buildings.]

MW: Better living. Better environment. Positive changes.

[She is more than ready to see them be build and move in. The new positive change is “something that the neighborhood needs.”]

Interview conducted by Brenda Gamboa.